Simply gorgeous....

It's been another busy start to the week.  Haven't been still for a moment.  So I'm taking a few minutes to do this blog post and show off these absolutely gorgeous anemonies.  Aren't they lovely? They always remind me of Victorian post cards...I'm sure there is a reason! 
The new baby Figaro seems to have been christened "Little Car".  "Can we take the little car out today?" seems to be the usual request from my children.  I'm beginning to refer to her as Little Car too.  So much for a suitably elegant name.  Oh well, I don't suppose she will mind so long as I drive her kindly and service her regularly!! oh dear...I do worry when I use terms like servicing her.  What with the name of my blog Corset Laced Mannequins, I do believe some people hit my blog expecting to see something quite different!!  Poor things...they are going to be so disappointed.
I've not been so busy that I couldn't squeeze in a new mannequin.  She's called Jasmin and you can see more photos of her here ~ Jasmin

I was hoping to hit the allotment tonight and plant out some leeks but then remembered that pilates is back tonight.  It is fantastic for my back so I'd better give the lotty a miss and be a good girl.
Hope you have a great evening.  Day off tomorrow so will speak soon, Lucyxx 

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LoloDesigns said...

Little car, perfect! Are you having lots of fun driving it? xx

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