a walk on the wildside....

Not too wild of course but it did seem a million miles away from home.  It's only a 20 minute drive to get to Fingle Bridge.  We walked along the top of the valley and descended quite abruptly down a little used path, mostly on my bottom!  oh well I'm sure the mud stains will come out.  At the top the views where amazing. Click on the photos for a larger image.

A few moorland ponies where grazing between burnt gorse bushes.  Look at the colour of that sky!
The river at the bottom was rushing along as usual with quieter places for the fish to rest.
A lovely, restful and re-invigorating walk with only a few "are we nearly there yet?" and "how much further?" from the children.  They do love their walks!! 
Hope you had a great weekend, Lucyxx
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