What a weekend...

...it was a bit strange, this Easter weekend.  Can't quite put my finger on it but it just seemed odd.  Oh well, back to normaility now. 

I did nearly complete my quilted bathmat and we did look at two Figgy's.  We didn't buy though as they needed too much work so I'm still looking. 
I pinned all the pieces through the mat and top layer. 
First few pieces sewn into place...
getting there....only about a hundred or so to go!
 All the pieces sewn on and this is as far as I have got.  It needs a border and a backing which I will hand stitch onto the mat for a more traditional look.  So come back in a week (maybe two!) and see the completed item.  I am wondering about the practicalities...its a white background fabric so it might get messy too soon, especially with my naughty cats!

Right, I'm off to do some proper work...thought I would leave you with these yummy cakes from the Oggy Pasty Shop inTotnes...as if you need any more chocolate!

Have a super duper week, Lucyxx


Sheila said...

That is a lot of work .. It looks lovely.. I use white all the time for rugs.. It does get dirty faster, but it makes me keep it clean better. One that don't show dirt, can get so dirty that it get's stained faster.. Great job... Sheila

LoloDesigns said...

Loving the colours of that rug, gorgeous. Had a very lazy Easter but I too am glad things are back to normal. Sun out and in cleaning mode. Could do with a yummy cake to eat now :o) x

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