Gardening weekend....

Hope you've all had a fabulous Bank Holiday weekend.  The weather wasn't all that great here but I did manage to tackle a little patch just outside my front door.  Its always looked neglected as I never knew what to put in....I've tried lavenders, rock roses, grasses but they never did very well and it just looked a mess.
I'm almost too ashamed to show it is....
Yikes....isn't it awful? 
Armed with a pair of secateurs, a garden fork, a few granite rocks collected from elsewhere in the garden, a handful of plants and a few hours later...ta daaa.... still looks a bit sad but once all the tiny plants grow and spread it will look wonderful.  I've kept the bluebell bulbs and planted...
a few saxifragi fleece
hum...can't remember this one
some saxifraga pixie
several wonderfully aromatic thymes
and a patch of London Pride.
With a few more tiny rock plants I'm hoping that in a few months it will look more like this...
I've bought most of the plants from the bootsale.  I find the sellers there are so helpful, definately know their stuff and the prices are great too!
ah well, the weekend is over and work begins again in earnest.  Hope you had a good one, Lucyxx
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