Stock Updates....just a few

I've had a fabulously constructive week so far...really getting down to some hard grind.  I need to as I have many orders to complete over the coming weeks but this afternoon I thought I should get the camera out and add some more vintage pieces to the online shop.
This gorgeous vintage Sirram picnic set is in such great condition and I love the vintage green.  Should I be keeping it back for myself and my planned picnics with Elcie the Figaro?
A lovely Summery glass dessert set which comes all the way from France.

A vintage clear glass cake stand...shame about the lack of cakes but I am trying to lose a few pounds.
A wonderful oil painting...or two...
I love this last oil painting, it's so colourful and cheers one up no end!  I find it difficult to let go of paintings the most.  I have to live with them for a while and then talk myself into selling them.  At least I know they will be going to a lovely home when I sell them to my wonderful customers.
Hope you are having a great week too, Lucyxx


ted and bunny said...

it all looks SO lovely, lucky people who buy them!
I've tried arranging Ryvitas on cake stands...never has quite the right "look" though.

Lucy@Corset Laced Mannequins said...

thanks ted and bunny! I hadn't thought of Ryvitas....perhaps with a good dollop of cream cheese they might look a bit more cake like!! Lucy

Hesta Nesta said...

Hi Lucy
Lovely picnic set - I love green, and those oil paintings are stunning.
Jo x

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