Cabbages & Roses scrumdidlyumptious fabrics.

What can I say.  This fabric is simply stunning and works fabulously with my mannequins.  It's called Paris Rose and is made by Cabbages & Roses.  It's almost like a paper print.  I've named her Paris and you can see more photos of her here.  There is a raspberry version too...good enough to eat!
Another C&R beauty called Constance.  A very delicate delphinium shade on a creamy white linen.  You can see more of Connie here.

I have to mention another fab little company called Saints & Pinners.  They sell wonderful fabrics for quilters (and mannequin makers!).  I ordered this fabric yesterday and it arrived this morning beautifully packaged.  I do love it when people take the time over packaging so many thanks Jo and Fran. 

I only wish my mannequins were as easy to pack.  They are so large that most packaging ideas I have just don't work.  I've worked on making my packing pretty as I feel it is important (after getting them there in one piece) but I'm still not happy with it.  How do you feel about packaging?  Is it important to you?  Do you expect a large item to be packed beautifully too? If you have any suggestions on packing a large item I would love to hear about it.
Enjoy the sunshine, Lucyxx
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