my garden..... just starting to look a picture!  The azalea is the best that is has ever been although I'm not entirely sure I like it's brashness (but my husband does so it has to stay...for now).  My herb box is looking very happy and healthy. My mint, which I only bought today at the bootsale, along with the pail, is planted and ready to grow and grow...ahh the smell!  I'm rather pleased with myself as it usually takes me a least a week from purchase to plant on. 
The red rose againt the blue shed is thriving too with more amd more buds ready to burst open.

I'm not a fan of yellow roses but this one is looking stunning.  It opens as a buttercup yellow and ends as a primrose yellow....beautiful.

and the apple tree just pictured behind has at least 20 tiny apples appearing...last year we had none.

Another rose bud peeking through. I've just spotted some greenfly on these...little blighters.
I've had a wonderful weekend in the garden.  My nails are full of good healthy dirt (is there such a thing?) because I can't bear to wear gloves. I'd better get them scrubbed and perfectly clean for tomorrow's work with all those lovely mannequin fabrics.
Hope your weekend has been great too, Lucyxx
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