A new gal in town......

...and what a gal!   What a figure!   She's my NEW Lingerie Mannequin and perfect for displaying..well...knickers and bras.  Not (perhaps) for the home but GREAT for a boutique. 
At the moment she only comes in a crushed velvet finish but there are seven shades to choose from.

and I just had to show you one of my mannequins converted into a standard lamp.

The fabric had to be flame retardant for safety reasons.  My mannequins are fire resistant already and conform to BS standards.

It was an interesting project and I love being given a challenge.

I think it worked out rather well.

 A bit quirky perhaps but definately a standard lamp that will stand out in a crowd!

I'm working away like a little demon trying to get orders and new designs finished before a whole weeks holiday at the end of June.

I must say I love my work but I really do need the time away without a laptop!

speak soon, Lucyxx

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