house full of mannequins

who needs friends when you have a house full of mannequins?  they're taking over every room, squeezing everything else out.  how i long for a huge workshop. dream on.....
as usual i couldn't wait and so last night i started work on a on a tailored version of my articulated mannequins.  the fabric is by Sanderson and called Dandelion Clocks but i will offer them tailored in my other fabrics too.
also in the photo is a reproduction vintage mannequin. as you can see they are getting on rather well!  best friends in fact.

this evening i am going to sit down to a bit of crochet.  i'm going to start a new rug for the coming autumn/winter months called LOVE.  the pattern is from Ren and you can see more here FAIRYSTEPS BLOG
if you want to see more of my mannequins visit the CLM WEBSITE
see you soon, Lucyxx
ps i do need friends (don't we all), including blog friends!


Stefanie Valentine said...

Hehe the first photo is very sweet!

Ren said...

We all need friends... Ive got a really special one that I love ever so x

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