I've been away.....

yep, I had a whole week away from home and work.  We travelled to Croatia for the first time and it is beautiful!  I don't want to bore you with all of my photos (at least not on this post), I'm just uploading the photos of our gorgeous villa first.
I paddled out on a kayak for this shot....just for you.
I love these steps, the huge (squeaky) large gate and the fabulous flowers. 
The water was just a stones throw away from the front door.
and the view from our room....utter bliss.
Who's for a tea party in the sun?  Actually, for most of the day it was too hot to sit here.
our villa was on the left and this small lane took you to Zaton Mali's centre.
My husband, sister, nieces and nephews were bitten badly by midges.  Luckily they didn't like mine or my children's blood..thank goodness. 
Most of the time was spent either lying in the sun, bathing in the warm, clear waters with snorkels or kayaking.

We did venture out to Dubrovnik, Ston and the Arboretum at Trsteno....more photos to follow shortly.

So its back to work for me but I have to confess that its taking me a while to get back into the swing of things....thats probably because one of my first jobs are the accounts!!!!
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