latest stock updates..and a few tears

I'm trying to be more organised and add "new" items to the website weekly.  I'm doing quite well but I think a little more discipline is required. There is always something else to do but my mountain of vintage pieces to photo and list gets larger and larger!  
this week I've listed a rather lovely 1950s frameless mirror, a vintage woollen bedside rug and an early wicker picnic basket by Coracle.   You can see them all here CLM Online Shop

I also have a few items listed on  I feel a bit guilty (and sad) about this as one of them is my baby vintage mannequin.  Guilty because I was never going to sell her and now I am and because I've listed her on Ebay instead of my website.  I feel as though I'm a traitor but I really am not sure what she is worth so I'm letting the so called market decide.  The auction finishes on Friday and if you are interested you can see her here

also listed on Ebay are these two sparkling vintage chandeliers.
I haven't listed a chandelier in ages so I can cross that one of my "to do" list!
Have a lovely afternoon, Lucyxx 


ted and bunny said...

we used to list SO many mannis on eBay, I was forever trying to think of different ways to photograph and describe them!
She's so beautiful, I'm sure she'll sell very well

Ali @ Betty and Violet said...

I can completely sympathise with the difficulty in parting with such a beautiful object, but sometimes needs must and ebay is a useful outlet...I wish I had a spare corner...

I am still dreaming of one of your own mannequins for a bedroom project later in the year!

Ali x

Cherie said...

I so understand what she meant to you and hope you were happy with the price you got for her. Hope you don't miss her too much!

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