New York, New York.....

No I haven't been jetting off again across the globe but I have been busy working on a new decoupage range of mannequins using reproduction vintage maps.  Only one to show you today but I have plans for a Paris, Berlin and London soon. 
You may remember my vintage Paris map mannequin back in October 2009, well the idea was to produce a complete range of city map mannequins and this New York Subway mannequin has been on my mind for ages. Sometimes you just have to make the time...and forget the housework!!

I love the colours. I especially love the deep wedge wood blue and the yellow, green and red work so well together. I love the texture of the papers. I love the text on the front and back panel.  I love this mannequin!

You can see more photos here  CLM Online Shop 
also available on a male mannequin.

I've also been adding a few more bits and bobs to the website today...heres just a glimpse of a few...
You can see more new vintage pieces here CLM Online Shop
and I almost forgot....the CLM Summer Sale!!

hope your weekend was a good one...I must get back to my housework!
see you soon, Lucyxx
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