The Tardis...

....actually its the smallest shed in the allotment!   
This is my brothers replacement shed as he took a fancy to my old "summer house" which you can see in the background of my allotment below.  Am I insane?  probably but it is a shame using it as an allotment shed.  It should be in a garden, painted, loved and full of vintage loveliness but I can't fit it into my garden so he has commandeered it.  At least I will be able to sit in it with a G&T this summer.
The allotment is doing quite well this year with the beetroot looking great.  We've used raised beds for the second year and even made a few more.  For me they work best.  I know exactly where to weed. I'm not overwhelmed by a huge space for weeding and planting...much easier for a simple girl like me!

onions happy and swelling.

and my father in laws leeks are HUGE.  Ken used to show leeks in Northumberland many years ago when the prizes were amazing.  I'm going to show these in our local flower show later this year.
Back home and my tomatoes are only just starting to swell.  They are so tiny but I can't wait to pick and eat them.

The thyme in my herb bath looks a picture.
a visitor to our pond.  Its such a tiny pond but the wildlife is fantastic.  I can spend ages watching the comings and goings of our pond!
and finally this is Lolly.  One of our three very annoying, adorable cats.  They are always getting under my feet...and my girls want a puppy!!  Sorry girls, chance.

Hope you're having a fab weekend.  Lucyxx


The Cloth Shed said...

Yes, leeks are huge in Northumberland... there is a lot of secrecy surrounding the right growing conditions and potential prize winners are guarded night and day before the big show.
Sabotage has even been known between rival growers.....It is big business!
Julie x

Hesta Nesta said...

Hi Lucy
Thank you for your lovely comments on my Blog, and I am so glad you liked the mirror in situ. The allotment looks fabulous and puts our efforts to shame. Love Lolly.
Jo xx

JuliaB said...

Oooh! If I had a shed like that at my allotment, i think i might move in there for the summer! x

pip said...

love the frog photo... and the lovely Lolly :)

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