a work in progress...decoupaged display head

i've been working on a detachable mannequin head for a potential client (a well known London store!).  she (or he) doesn't have a lot to say unless you like a good read!  I can see her working with one of my table top mannequins decoupaged in the same papers and dsipaying hats, scarfs etc, etc. 

i have to admit that she gave me a bit of a scare when I started work one morning.  i wasn't expecting to see a "person" looking at me as I walked into my sewing room. she is a little spooky, don't you think?

a big thank you for all your lovely comments on passed posts.  i do try and repay the kindness but time just keeps whizzing by...... 


JuliaB said...

ooh! it looks v. interesting .. do you have to strip them first (so to speak?) .. also.. i notice you have an industrial sewing machine .. I am thinking of getting one as I need a new machine ... are there any NO NO's I should consider?? xx

ted and bunny said...

oh Lucy I do so like these- you know me, if anything stands still long enough (ha! mannequins!) it gets decoupaged in old newspaper!
(Haven't seen my husband for ages...;))

Will you put a glaze over the top or leave it au naturel?

Where does the time go? Don't know but it goes faster than it ever did before

Stefanie Valentine said...

I love decoupage! The head looks great, although it would probably scare me too if I walked in one morning all bleary eyed!

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