Jack of all trades...

...and master of none!  Thats what I have decided I have become so it is with some sadness that I will no longer be selling vintage china.  I will still hunt out and sell vintage mirrors, paintings, chandeliers and other miscellaneous bits and bobs (and of course vintage mannequins!) but my home (and head!) is just not big enough to store it all. 
My head had decided to stop selling all homewares (my poor husband was very pleased) but my heart wouldn't allow it!  I LOVE picking up beautiful vintage pieces like the few new additions to the CLM shop here.

an elegantly shaped overmantle mirror

an original oil painting of a young woman (or two)
and this large leather suitcase, come storage box, with a beautiful pink lining...heaven!
Do you see what a mean?  I can't walk on by without buying them!  My husband was not amused but like I told him....its better to have a happy wife than a perfectly tidy, neat, uncluttered, spacious house.  I still think he needs convincing!


FairyFiligree said...

Our husbands should get together and console each other.

ted and bunny said...

...and Ted will make three!

I keep playing the "better-have-a-happy-wife" card, its poss wearing a bit thin by now!
I too gave up the china department to concentrate on furnishings and textiles, otherwise you run yourself ragged- it's the right decision.


Hesta Nesta said...

Hi Lucy
I do know how you feel, our spare bedroom is more of a shop than anything else. It is very hard to say no to things when they are a good price, and sometimes my hubby doesn't understand why I keep on buying!!
Jo xx

Cherie said...

I get where you're coming from completely ;) Check out the black bag I found on Sunday! Had it over my arm on Tuesday ... so loving your purchases ... don't give up totally ... a girl has to do what a girl has to do ;-)

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