What a week....

.....but doesn't she look lovely! 
My youngest daughter was one of this years Carnival Queen attendants.  Now I'm not one for all that carnival malarky but she really wanted to do it and so about two months ago I thought "ahhh, wouldn't it be nice to do this for my lovely daughter" and "surely it can't take that long to do a float". 
How wrong can one be! 
The planning was tricky, the actual work (once we had made up our minds which was about a week before the big day) seemed a mammoth task.  I can tell you that I was loosing sleep.  The pressure was HUGE to get this right.  Carnival is taken very seriously in my little old town so we had to do a good job.  It wasn't all down to me of course and our other halves were called in too but it would have been an even bigger nightmare if my dearest sister hadn't shown up to sort us out....thank you Joan....couldn't have done it without you.

the crowning moment!

So there you are, carnival over for another year and no I am definately not having a float next year.

The other reason for this post is to say that because I've been really, really busy, trying to keep up with orders and enquiries and this all absorbing job, I forgot about the giveaway which I know you have all been eagerly awaiting ;) !!
Fear not.  I will post later this week with details.

Hope you are all having a lovely Bank Holiday weekend.  We're off to a vintage rally tomorrow with Elcie the little car.  Hope it doesn't rain.
Speak soon, Lucyxx


Hesta Nesta said...

She looks lovely Lucy, and carnivals are such fun, they bring the whole community together. We still have a parade and gala in our village and it is always such a fun time, everyone gets involved, and yes, you are right, they are incredibly hard work!! Have a great weekend.
Jo xx

kelly said...

What a beauty she is! Congrats to her. You must be so proud!

Ren said...

A proper little fairy queen X

The Cloth Shed said...

That's what Mums are for!!
I'm sure all your hard work was appreciated...
Julie x

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