and the winner is......

....can't tell you how excited I am.  Each little slip of paper is a wonderful blogger who has very kindly taken the time to leave a comment and share their favourite fabrics.  Some have written just a few lines, some a few paragraphs (special thanks to Boykitten!) but each one has left me scrambling for the google search tool to check out the latest suggestion.  Followed by lots of oohing and ahhing over some gorgeous fabrics.  Many thanks to you all.  I really have enjoyed this giveaway very much.  So much so that I think it will become a regular occurrence, albeit not quite as extravagant, and smaller so I can include all you lovely international bloggers.  

I will need a few weeks to decide which fabric to use to tailor a mannequin or two in.  Liberty prints are very popular but then theres Sanderson, St Judes & Timorous Beasties (both new to me!), Sarah Hardaker,  Vanessa Arbuthnot, Designers Guild, vintage barkcloths, kimono silks etc, etc.  

Right that's enough waffling....with the help of my poorly girl.....the winner is.....

well done Hen!

with your address and I'll have your beautiful girl off to you on Monday.

Again, many, many thanks for taking part.  Its been great fun!


Donna Flower said...

Well done Hen :-)

Hen said...

Ooooh goodness, is that me? How fantastic! I confess I was very excited when I clicked onto your post then I had a slump and thought "I NEVER win giveaways"! Well it is obviously my turn! How wonderful, thanks ever so much, I am thrilled beyond words. Will email now. Oooooh, exciting!!!!
Hen xxx

Country Cottage Chic said...

Lucky Hen!

Jayne (green with envy!)

elegancemaison said...

Lucky, lucky Hen!

Lucy - I really enjoyed looking for complimentary fabrics and designs suitable for a mannequin. Am now intrigued to see which fabric you will choose!

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