The Corset Laced Mannequin Giveaway..... here!
It's taken me a little bit longer than I had expected to do this, two years in fact, so when the second blogiversary came a week or so ago I decided that this would be a good time to do one.
I've been thinking hard about this one. I know alot of you ladies (and gents) out there sell at vintage fairs or just happen to love vintage stuff so I thoight something that might be useful and decorative for your stall or home.  I'd love to be able to offer up a vintage mannequin (or even a new one!) but for this giveaway I'm offering you a stunning, hand painted display head worth £105!

Isn't she beautiful! 

The rules!

  • open to UK Mainland residents only (sorry but international shipping is too costly)

  • to enter all you need to do is leave a comment on this post.  I would also love to know what commercially available fabric you would love to see tailored on one of my mannequins and the name you would give to the mannequin but this is not essential.

  • thats it!
The draw will take place next Friday 10th September at 10:00am

You never a few weeks you might see your perfect mannequin for sale on the

Have a great weekend, Lucyxx



JuliaB said...

I never usually enter giveaways but this one is too good to miss Lucy!

What about some Liberty Prints for the manequins... ?


lucy loves fabric said...

Wow! What an amazing giveaway!!!

I think Orla Kiely fabric would be pretty darn cool. What do you think?? Then you could of course call her 'Orla'.

: )


FairyFiligree said...

What a grand giveaway! Pity I can't participate as I live out of your reach. Great idea! Great mannequins too.

ted and bunny said...

oooohhhh I can hardly type for crossed fingers- How lovely my hats would look on this gorgeous girly!

How about one of the retro 70s fabrics and call her Biba?

Thankyou for offering us this fab giveaway!

Ren said...

I think she needs to come to fairysteps land!

Country Cottage Chic said...

Wow! What a fabulous giveaway!

My latest fave fabric is "Swallows" by Sanderson - they do it in a lovely shade of blue.
Then she could be "Birdie" or "Fauna" :-)

Jayne (with fingers & toes tightly crossed)

bebe said...

Oooh, I'd love a mannequin covered in something by Angie Lewin at St.Judes! Maybe 'Hedgerow'? Gorgeous :)

Hesta Nesta said...

You are too kind Lucy, what a wonderful and generous giveaway. I would love to see the Sarah Hardaker range of paisley fabrics (inspired by vintage eiderdowns) on one of your mannequins, and I would call her Clara as she reminds me of Clara Bow from the roaring 20's!!
Jo xx

Teresa said...

How lovely she is!

I love Kate Forman fabrics and also fabrics by Green Gate.

Fingers, legs, arms and everything else crossed!!!

Lucy@Corset Laced Mannequins said...

How my goodness! I knew this would be a great source of new fabric ideas but my poor head is swooning with the possibilities. Many thanks for all your fantastic fabric choices. Lucyxx

Queenie said...

How how superb she would look in our vintage tea shop. Anything vintage, how about parachute silk....

sophiemakesthings said...

oh my! what a fantastic give away :) I was trawling through fabric on ebay the other day, and found a beautiful fabric covered in flowery teapots! (its still on sale, I can give you a link if you like) I think this would be amazing on one of your beautiful mannequins :) I would probably name her 'rosie lee' just to be really british and embrace some cockney rhyming slang. haha! look forward to seeing the outcome :) x

Stefanie Valentine said...

What a fabulous giveaway! This gorgeous head would be perfect for my many hats! I would love to see a gingham mannequin, a yellow gingham one would be perfect.

The Little Vintage Company said...

This giveaway is just too good to be true! What a gorgeous girl she is! She would look lovely wearing a grey felt hat I am currently lusting over!

I'm currently in love with Vintage Barkcloth, a Barkcloth mannequin would be quite unusual, but very unique! As for a name Bark wouldn't be particularly feminine, so perhaps Betty??

For something more widely available how about an Amy Butler fabric??

Tamzin X

boykitten said...

I know someone who would absolutely *adore* this, and it's her birthday this week!

As for fabrics, I have a very eclectic tastes and there are loads that I'm in completely in love with at the moment but I haven't got the time or money to be making more pretty things when I've already got a dozen projects on the go!

My automatic thought was it would be great to see a calavares mannequin (ebay #160463182642) and the tattoo print Alexander Henry fabric would work too (250678513152).

If I had the space, I would love a wasp-waisted mannequin in Alice in Wonderland fabric (260656267062 or 370387036046)!

I've also seem some amazing Mary Poppins fabric, but it was already made into a corset ( and I have no idea where you'd be able to buy it. :(

I've just bought some cute Hello Kitty fabric (120601008923) to make a corset with and I'm digging all kinds of polka dots, a tea-strained white x black would be stunning!

I was at an Asian fabric shop earlier today, Tahim Drapers in Coventry (, and there were some amazing slks and sari fabrics and brocades that I would love to do something with, like this beautiful embossed velvet (

But my all time favourite fabrics are the ones I have that are salvaged from vintage kimonos - I have about 100 pieces!
(kimonopetitjapon on ebay)
I'm not sure you'd find enough of the same for a whole mannequin but for a small one or patchwork they'd be beautiful.

And, and, and... I'll stop there for now. XD

boykitten x

Ticking stripes said...

What a great giveaway. What about the Glasgow or London Toile by Timorous Beasties - a little bit cheeky, a little bit quirky - but only if you look closely! I'd call her Beattie!

neveda said...

I love this idea and some of my vintage hats would look great on her. I am disappointed that I live too far away to participate and I do understand the reason why regarding postage limits. But, I do want to say congradulations to the winner and I hope whoever wins is able to enjoy the prize for years to come.

Hen said...

Ahh, what a fabulous prize, how generous. I've been mulling this over for a few days as I am a bit of a vintage fabricaholic and you wanted a current fabric, but then again, I do have a fairly sizable stash of modern stuff too! I was thinking it would be great to have a patchwork mannequin but I know this would be ultra time consuming so how about a "cheater" fabric, one that looks like patchwork but is a printed pattern. I bought a gorgeous one from the Quilt Festival at the NEC recently. It's made by Kokka and is 60" wide and in a heavy home decor weight (photo on my blog) so that would be perfect.
Hen x

Julian said...

wow *fingers crossed*

Julian Hicks said...

Its a really beautiful thing :)

Maybe a hand embroidered linen?


Donna said...

What a wonderful and generous gift Lucy. The winner will be delighted I am sure.

As you know I am a real vintage fabric fan but as you wanted something commercially available my favourite fabric would have to be from Louise Loves. Her fabric, Quilt, in pink would look divine on a mannequin. I think I would name her Bella because, of course, she would be beautiful x

hensteeth said...

What a centre piece this make to any stand or home...very special and very kind and generous.
Any of the Liberty Tana Lawns...I personally adore them all.
The name : Felicity Flapper Girl.

Zoe said...

Oh Lucy this is a fabulous giveaway and of course I cannot resist trying to win a little companion for my "Evie".

My dream fabric would be Vanessa Arbuthnott's Acorn & Leaf in Linen Union - so beautiful. I would name her Arwen.

Teresa said...

I hope this is not cheating - I have posted a comment already, but have you ever looked at They have a vast range of unusual designs. I especially like the "Fashion" fabrics "Aloha Girls". They even have a fabric called "Dressforms" with different style mannequins printed. X

elegancemaison said...

Oh yes please - she would be perfect as a centrepiece on my stand to display hats, scarves and jewellery for my stand at vintage fashion fairs! And the closing date is on the eve of my birthday...

I would love to see one of your special mannequins wearing the beautiful rococo inspired silk by Designers Guild in the amalienborg collection. It's called Trianon, available in five colours, although I especially love the turquoise. And because of the association of the Trianon Palace at Versailles with Louis XV, I would suggest naming her "Pompadour" after his beautiful and cultured mistress.

Ali @ Betty and Violet said...

Oh, she is truly beautiful ~ I would love her sitting on my new dresser in my bedroom adorned with pearls and beads and maybe a little feather cloche hat....
As for fabric for a new mannequin ~ I am a bit partial to the faded florals of Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture. I would have to name her Violette (for obvious reasons!)
Ali x

Annie said...

What a generous giveaway,she really is beautiful. I would suggest Liberty's Betsy fabric and of course call her Betsy.
Ann x

carol at home said...

What a generous giveaway, and my she is lovely. I'm afraid I'm useless on the modern fabric front, I delight in vintage fabrics. But names now that is a different matter, I could go on for ages but how about
Claudia or Isabella, or Bella, of Annabelle....

Evette said...

What a beautiful work of art. I would love to win this as I LOVE mannequins too!

I would like to see one covered in black velvet with silver bling studs, and it could be called Dazzle! :D

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