New stock at CLM and more to come....

...two "new" mannequins, one a stunning Buste Girard of Paris c1910 and the other an equally gorgeous Proportion of London articulated mannequin c1990. You can see more photos at the

I'm working with some new fabrics and I hope to have some "new" vintage pieces added to the site very soon including this beautiful triple mirror, a decoupaged miniature & child mannequin, sparkling French chandeliers and some beautiful art work. 

but this will only be possible if I stop getting so many orders and enquiries!! I'm only kidding of course.  I'm very, very busy, rushed off my feet but I'm enjoying the thrill. 
And I haven't forgotten the giveaway.  I'm planning that one for this Friday when my little darlings are back at school.
see you soon, Lucyxx 

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