TM Lewin...THE Shirt Maker

I'm absolutely thrilled to have made three wasp waisted mannequins for TM Lewin.  Glenn, (head of TM Lewin's Visual Merchandising) very kindly sent me this photo of them in position in their prestigious Bond Street, London store.

They chose Flora in three colourways. 
They have geat taste!


Daniel, T.M.Lewin said...


Great post!

The mannequins look great in store!

Daniel from T.M.Lewin

Hen said...

Well done Lucy, it looks great. I must pop in next time I'm that way to see them for real.
Hen x

elegancemaison said...

Gorgeous! You are a very talented lady. TM Lewin shirts are the bees knees - even Mr EM has some.

Lucy@Corset Laced Mannequins said...

many thanks for your lovely comments. Hen, if you do visit, let me know if TM Lewin are looking after my girls!!! Lucyxx

Glamour Daze said...

These dress forms are stunning. Lovely just to have sitting in the room !

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