tweet, tweet... its OK its not a twitter post, although talking of twitter, I am "connected" here CLM Twitter if anyone fancys a chat!

No, this post is firstly to introduce Ren,  my new Laura Ashley tailored mannequin.  The fabric is beautiful with the sweetest little birds.  Its funny as I wasn't sure when I bought it but it works so well on my mannequin.  You can see more photos here Ren.
Secondly, I wanted to discuss something that keeps coming up with me and blogging.  Maybe others feel the same and I'm just being silly but I always feel that blogging about my mannequins, chandeliers, homewares and well...everything Corset Laced....might be incredibly self centered.   I just wanted to say that its only because CLM is my life!  I'm passionate about what I do and by golly, it takes so much of my time that I rarely find the energy to blog about anything else.  It's also probably due to with the fact that I lead an incredibly boring life!  Working from home does that to you...makes you boring but absolutely contented!

Anyway, before you feel too sorry for me and my dull existence,  I did manage a trip to Castle Drogo (again!  its just up the road from me so whenever I need a National Trust fix I head there!). 
The Chapel and garden at Castle Drogo.
Right, thats my tiny rant over with.  Apologies for blogging too much about CLM, not always getting back to all you lovelies that comment and for generally be boring!  (and for using too many !!!)
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