Vicky's twin and a very rare gal.

Last time I say this but......before I post proper I must mention my GIVEAWAY as I'm aware that over the week, that post will sink to the bottom! So to stand a chance of winning this beautiful display head.....

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After many, many requests for me to reproduce the Vicky wasp waisted mannequin I have found a very similar Laura Ashley fabric.  Vicky was my first new wasp waisted mannequin and I sold her as a one of a kind to a corset maker.  I was thrilled when I found this beautiful fabric but it is discontinued and I only have enough to make four don't hang about!
Vicky is on the left and the new Josephine on the right.
You can see the fabrics are very similar and both absolutely gorgeous!

I have to mention this beauty too.  She is a very rare and precious thing.  A Stockman of Paris mannequin used to display corsets over 100 years ago.  She is made using a salmon pink linen and darker red silk.  I've had her for a few years now but its time to part company.
This stunner is displaying a corset by Charles Bayer & Co of London c1890.  She belongs to the National Trust at Killerton House here in Devon.  I love the corset but I'd love to whip it off and have a look underneath!

I know she is very rare but I haven't a clue what she is worth so I'm listing her on Ebay this evening (starting at £4.99!) and you can view more images here on my ebay store
Well, that's it from me. Speak soon, Lucyxx

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The Cloth Shed said...

I have the exact same postcard of the Killerton Charles Bayer corset.
I bought it when we were on holiday in Devon a few years ago.
Was just thinking of doing a blog post about it the other day....but you have beaten me to it!
Julie x

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