Vintage mannequins.

I looked up from my sewing and saw these gal's with the sunlight falling on them creating a rather lovely image.  I thought I would share them with you before they part company forever.
Have a great weekend, Lucyxx
ps if you are looking for mannequin images check out Flickr!


sparklewren said...

This is the view from your sewing machine?! I want to live in your house ;-)

ted and bunny said...

they take on personalities all their own don't they?
I remember having a mad month a few years back when everytime I went out buying I came back with mannis- (more of that would be great) and there were a dozen standing in the sitting room, looking like they were waiting to go to a tea party!
Oh dear. . .maybe I should get out more!

Stefanie Valentine said...

These are great photos, my favourite is the first one.

Country Cottage Chic said...

Lovely photos!


Mellisa said...

Wonderful photos! They are so nostalgic, i remember my mother's mannequins.

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