Weekend work...

actually this isn't work more of a hobby....vintage chandeliers!  I do love them and I needed a break from the mannequin heads so its been fun to have a play.  They come to me dirty and in need of some TLC and after a few hours they are reborn as beautiful, sparkling chandeliers fit for a palace.  I have literally hundreds of photographs of them.  All of them sold on Ebay over the past five or so years.  I'm going to add more photos to my Flickr account as I can't be the only person who loves a bit of sparkle.

Hope your weekend has been fun too.

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ted and bunny said...

nothing makes quite such an instant impact as a chandelier does it?

Alas our ceilings are all too weak to support one- we tried fixing directly into a re-inforced wooden timber, but an ominous slant appeared on the light, so it came down gently before it came down of its own accord!

Lovely way to spend time, mindfulness would almost call it a meditation!

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