Austin Reed

 photos courtesy of Austin Reed
 photos courtesy of Austin Reed

To celebrated their 110th anniversary this year Austin Reed have opened the Q Club.  An exclusive private members club in Regent Street, London. 
Buying clothes here must be a joy....they even have a bar! 
 Most importantly they have three of my male Union Jack mannequins!  
Don't they look stunning in such plush surroundings.
Many thanks to James and the AR twitter team!
Have a restful weekend, Lucyxx


Hesta Nesta said...

What a wonderful sophisticated place. Your mannequins look fantastic, right at home in such up market surroundings. You will have to rename your Union Jack male mannequins 007 James Bond!!
Jo xx

Zoe said...

Oh how lovely. Well done - you really deserve to be there. I am such proud owner of my Zoe mannequin.

Cherie said...

Ohhh Lucy they're gorgeous! Congratulations, well done! How I wish you weren't so far away ;)

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