British Wool Week 11th-17th Oct 2010

I'm pleased to do my small bit to celebrate and support British Wool Week by tailoring a mannequin using genuine Harris Tweed.  Because it is the real thing I'm permitted to use the Harris Tweed Orb label...a piece of nostalgic art and history in its own right!
This handsome chap is named after another famous British character, albeit fictitous, Dr Watson.  He was nearly Sherlock but I have another idea up my sleeve for him! 
I LOVE Tweed...its one of my favourite fabrics so it isn't difficult for me to get behind Wool Week along with many other large and small businesses.  You can find out more about the campaign, whose Patron is The Prince of Wales, here Campaign For Wool

Aavilable in four other shades too....
 To see more images please visit the CLM website
Enjoy your week and don't forget BUY BRITISH WOOL!
With many thanks to Alison of Tweed Delights for helping me find this stunning fabric.
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