Corset Laced Mannequins in Vogue!

How excited I was when a twitter chum (lucylovesfabric) reminded me that the November edition of Vogue was out! Do you remember I said my mannequins were going to be included in the Nov edition?  How could I have forgotten. I rushed out and bought my £4 copy of the heavy glossy fashion magazine. 
Back in August I ran about like a mad thing, packing two vintage mannequins for a trip to London and a photoshoot.

There are lots and lots of luscious adverts (and I mean lots!), a few articles about either the young and beautiful or the old and rich and as one would expect some articles about fashion, makeup and jewellery.

 Louis Vuitton doing a Mad Men homage!!
 Dior and a beautiful pink rose and some very expensive jewellery
 Juicy Couture ~ my children liked the bunnies!
Mulberry with a stunning interior. I could see my Celia Wasp Waisted in here
 There was even a vintage mannequin in an advert for Ikea above
 not my mannequins! 
No they didn't make this edition.  They were cut! 
Of course I am disappointed but such is life.  At least I have an opportunity to do a bit of blog cheating by photographing a glossy mag! Many thanks to Annette and Georgina.  Hope we can work together again in the future.
Now back to work!
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