Christmas is coming.....

...and things are getting even hotter in the Corset Laced Mannequins workroom as my trusted old workhorse, Brian the sewing machine, does his thing.  I'm keeping up with orders as well as being able to get some more mannequins in stock for late Christmas shoppers.
This mannequin is tailored using Laura Ashleys Summer Rose.  A beautiful discontinued linen and so is a one off.  Gorgeous biscuit background with black and white etched roses. 
And this mannequin is tailored in Malmaison, another discontinued LA fabric in a cotton slub linen.  Pale cream background with beautiful pinks, raspberries and golds.  Delicious!

I've enjoyed tailoring these mannequins and hope to have a few more limited edition mannequins for this least I will if I can find the time to fit them in around orders.
Hope you're having a great weekend, Lucyxx

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elegancemaison said...

Summer Rose is lovely but Malmaison! I have yards of this stored for a vintage French chair project. One day, one day...

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