....I love Emma. She was my first plain fabric tailored mannequin, conceived many years ago. She's one of my favourites not just because she looks fabulous in any interior or because I've sold hundreds of them but because she taught me a valuable lesson....
I was asked by a young designer to make a plain mannequin. Now a plain mannequin really does need precision tailoring...any flaw will show up times by ten!  Like I say, this was many moons ago and I made the mannequin using inferior fabric and the result was not a good one.  But I was impatient, busy and, with less experience than I have now, posted the mannequin.  Needless to say my customer was not impressed and returned the mannequin with a list of issues. I was absolutely horrified but I knew she was right...I had sent a mannequin out which was inferior and whats more important, I knew it...(shame on you Lucy!).  Since that first ever (and hand on heart my only), return for faulty tailoring,  I have never posted a mannequin which I have not been happy with, even if it means a delay in posting.  So if you're sending out a piece of yourself in your work, learn from my experience....only post if you are 100% happy with your product!

All I really wanted to say was that every time I tailor a mannequin and especially an Emma I'm reminded of that awful experience...never to be repeated!

These three darlings are heading for Cambridge and a lovely shop called Cuckoo Clothing.

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