My big sisters new business venture.....

...I've been nagging my sister for years about her beautiful hand crafted eiderdowns.  She makes them using traditional methods and only uses 100% natural cottons and feather stuffings.  I think they are absolutely stunning and this one is her first which she has made to sell.

The fabric is a lovely antique rose cluster on a pale cream background.  The same fabric is used on the reverse too and there is a deep frill which runs all the way round the sides.  Fully cambric lined so you won't loose feathers!  This one is a king size and is beautifully plump and cosy....and will last a lifetime! 

My sister, Belinda would love to know what you think?  I've told her that I'm incredibly honoured to sell them on my website and blog, tweet and facebook about them so long as I get one in my Christmas stocking!!  (also they look stunning on my blog but don't tell her I said so).

You can buy this eiderdown here CLM website.
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