You don't have to crochet to enjoy crochet.... just need a mannequin tailored in a fabulous photographic granny squares print!

I think she's gorgeous and I can see her working very hard in a yarn suppliers shop window or of course in a sewing/craft room....she makes me smile everytime I walk past her. 
I've named her Yarn and she is available on the CLM website.
...reminds me that I must, must, must finish that hexagon blanket!!
Have  a great weekend folks, Lucyxx


Maimy said...

That. Is. GORGEOUS! I'm a crochet fiend. I love it :D

ted and bunny said...

reading this on my dashboard while drinking my early morning cuppa before I go off to the fleamarket, I was rapidly doing caluculations of how you could crochet a cover for a manni, before it registered that its a print fabric...phew!

Reminds me of the framed photographic "antique" samplers that you still have to pick up and look at more closely to be sure they're not the "real thing".

With my quirky taste I must admit I really REALLY love this one!

Have a great weekend- and thanks once again for the fb & twitter mentions

Hesta Nesta said...

That fabric is fantastic. I do wish I could crochet, something I have had a go at but never been able to master!!
Jo xx

The Vintage Kitten said...

Woweeeeeeee! Its gorgeous X

Zoe said...

Wow - fab. I can just see this in Loop's window in Camden Passage or Liberty's haberdashery department! I LOVE it and the hexie, too.

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