In the bleak mid Winter....time for bunting making!

...I know its been a real pain in the wotsit for lots of prople but I love this weather.  I love the idea of a bleak mid Winter outside and a roaring fire inside.  

 A good stomp about and then back home for a warm up....body and soul.
The light is amazing with the snow lying 6" deep.

At home and a few moments of bunting making!  A friend said that my kitchen was looking a bit dull without it so I hope she is reading this now and approving!  I saw these lovely hearts on Etsy and made them with an old map and music sheets.   

You can see these are easy to make.  All you need is a few strips of paper and a couple of staples.
Turkey and sprouts home for Christmas. Gravy made and resting in the fridge.  Husband in the pub!
All Christmas mannequin orders have been delivered and so I can relax and enjoy this special time.
Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.
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