Time for a rest

Today I sent my last Christmas orders off.  Handed to the courier, I sighed with relief.  Its been such a busy few weeks that blogging, tweeting and facebooking have all been neglected.  I'm exhausted and happy.  Amazing what you can do if you have a plan, determination and lots of chocolate biscuits to get you through.  Its been my busiest November and December and I'm ready for a long Christmas break starting today.

We had booked a trip to London back in October when things were a little quieter.  So this weekend we took the train to Waterloo.  I love trains, the people watching and I admit, eavesdropping are always so entertaining!

View from the London Eye.  We had two tickets going spare and so we deciding to give them away.  I felt a bit silly going up to complete strangers and asking if they wanted some free tickets....they looked suspiciously at me but still took them!  Hope they enjoyed it.

This chap was very entertaining.  The children loved him.  I thought it was a bit creepy! 
Our hotel was next to the London Eye and perfect for site seeing.  We visited the National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, Science Museum, Hamleys, Harrods and Covent Garden.  Its amazing to think that all the galleries and museums are free.  Standing 10" away from a Van Gogh was incredible!
I didn't go mannequin hunting!  well, just one or two.  This one was in Covent Garden's Bertie store.  We spent awhile in Liberty's so I could spot the mannequins they have there.  I think they must be vintage mannequins and tailored in Liberty fabrics and are very reasonable priced at £1,900!!! Well, you can imagine my surprise!

After today its time to concentrate on my family's Christmas.  Presents to buy, tree to fetch and decorate, home to make festive, food to plan etc, etc.  Isn't it fabulous...I love Christmas!

Hope you're all well and enjoying the season.
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