New photographic fabrics added to Snap mannequin...

...these photographic fabrics are stunning and so unusual that I had to add them to my Snap mannequin.  The scale is the same but the images are different on each new fabric.  I love them!

 Skull ~ I like the subtle, natural shades
 Madonna ~ not sure about the bleeding knees...makes me a bit wobbly!
 Fauna ~ more vibrant colours here
 Type ~  I think this is my new favourite...I love the insects!
and this is Snap, my first photographic fabric mannequin.
You can see more on the website.
Hope you had a lovely weekend..doesn't it go quick.


Retail Supplies said...

really great fabrics! I agree with you on the bleeding knees - I could do with out them.

Lucy@Corset Laced Mannequins said...

Yes, I think I would exclude the knees...just thinking about it! ouch!!!

The Cloth Shed said...

What incredible fabrics and they look really good on your Snap mannequin. Love them all, however I will pass on the bleeding knees too.... reminds me of my days on the school hard pitch playing hockey....still have bits of gravel in my knee!
Julie x

La Rue Bohème said...

they are absolutely beautiful and unique.

amazing work!

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