What a week...what a day!

Had a fantastic surprise this morning...my Vintage Print wasp waisted mannequin made it onto Etsy.com's frontpage!
I'm so pleased and thankfully I was able to find the printscreen button before she moved on to the long line of Etsy has beens.  Look, look....I have proof!!!!

It's been quite a week for deadlines and rush commissions too.  This was my workroom floor yesterday...full of lovely Laura Ashley Austen remnants for four Emma corset & laced mannequins.  I should be in my workroom now, sewing away.  A weekend of plans put off to complete this order in time and of course, not to put other orders behind. 
Like I've said in other posts...Thank goodness I love my job!
 And lastly (they would have been firstly if it hadn't been for the Etsy coup!), my three new seamless mannequin shades.  Inspired by the nude colours in fashion land at the moment...Nude, Ivory and Storm.
I think they will enhance the simple shades already offered in my seamless range ie Cappucino, Biscuit and Blush whilst bringing more options for people, especially boutique, wedding and fashion shops.

I suppose I had better get back to Brian the sewing machine. 
I hope he likes me as much as I do him!
Have a fab weekend, Lucyxx


ted and bunny said...

yay!! well done you xx

Aline said...

That is super! I want one of your mannequin's in my little knit shop sooo badly...! I will have a job picking just one, they are all such beauties. Good job. A. xx

Lucy@Corset Laced Mannequins said...

thanks Elaine and Aline, Lucyxx

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