Almost a Spring day....

....first day of the year that I have had a cup of tea in the garden!  The sun was warm and the air fresh...absolute heaven.  The rose bushes are looking very sad.  I know they need pruning but I'm terrified I'm going to kill them off.  Perhaps they should have been pruned earlier!  Oh dear...I'm a hopeless gardener.
I think the Gods must have been looking down on me today and matched the weather to my new 1950s inspired floral fabric mannequin.

 Isn't she glorious?  I've been inspired by a fabulous seller on Etsy....Sohomode

photo from sohomode

The plan is to have host of gorgeous 1950s inspired fabric mannequins much like these lovely gal's above.
Hope you approve, Lucyxx


MelMel said...

ooohhh lovely!
One day, one day....I'm going to buy one...hehehehehe!xxx

Gabriela Delworth said...


I love this one!

~ Gabriela ~

Claire said...

OMG these are FAB!!

Lucy@Corset Laced Mannequins said...

many thanks for all your lovely comments. I think she's rather fab too! Lucyxx

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