Gok Wan's signed velvet mannequin

How fab is that?  Gok and Brix have signed my pink velvet mannequin which returned home yesterday after a couple of months on the road.  I'm listing her on Ebay.co.uk tonight with all proceeds going to Breast Cancer Research.  You can find the listing here

The other two velvet gals will be listed too but I'm still waiting for Jason mannequin (below) to feature on the show.  Wonder if they used him?  They must have. Who could resist such a handsome chap!

I'm still on cloud nine and with four more shows to be aired (Channel 4 Tuesdays 8pm), I won't be back to normal for awhile.  Then there's Britain's Next Top Model...but thats another story.
Have a great weekend, Lucyxx 
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