ohh those poor feet!

It's Saturday. You're shopping. You haven't found a thing you wanted. You're feet are aching and you're tired.  You need a coffee and there it is, Costa Coffee. You walk in, order a grande frappo mocha latte double (!)  and wind your way over to the table tucked away in the corner.  You sit down, remove your coat and prepare yourself for a reviving drink but something is missing.  What is it?  You look around.  Everything appears normal. Then it comes to you.....Costa Coffee don't have a display mannequin!! 

It's hard to believe, to take in all at once but you know its true.  Why you ask? Why? and then its dawns on you.  Of course...Lucy hasn't tailored a mannequin in an original coffee bean burlap bag!

Now that would be a quirky, interesting and fun addition to Costa Coffee's decor!

I know what you're thinking....Lucy, don't give up your day job!  but its OK I won't be enrolling on an amateur writing course just yet.

But seriously, I do love this mannequin. Its completely different to my pretty, floral girls.  I do have, like most people, an eclectic taste which makes life interesting when choosing fabrics.  The term Rustic Chic comes to my mind and I can see her working in many locations and shops.  Each one will be a unique one of a kind.  I'm popping her on Etsy.com today.  I was inspired but these fabulous products already listed there, made using these earthy bags.

Right, I'm off for a coffee...just an ordinary coffee for me please.

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ted and bunny said...

I made myself a jacket using a similar fabric to the one you covered your manni in. (Well, I thought at the time it might work better than it actually did).
I pulled on my across-the-body bag as I always do (can't bear not to have hands free), put on a tweed cap and went out to meet a fashionista "friend" for lunch.
"ahh" she said, looking me up and down "refugee chic is it?"

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