Gok Wan and my dolly

Its been fabulous watching my mannequin's on TV.  Used not just as a display mannequin but also by Gok and his team as a tailors dummy.  I get asked many times if they are suitable for dress making and my standard response has been "my mannequins are primarily for display and yes they are great for home dressmaking but perhaps not as a professional tailors dummy."  I stand by that BUT I will now add
"If they're good enough for Gok and his team then they will work for anyone!".
This week, Gok carried Dolly off to work on her through the night.  They're also very portable!
Next Tuesday will be the last episode of Gok's Clothes Roadshow and I still haven't spotted Jason the male mannequin...fingers crossed he makes a late appearance.


JuliaB said...

Hmm... why don't you do a 'custom dummy' where you pad the mannequin according to your customers specifications, and then cover her ... then they would be suitable for dressmaking .. people could use one as is if they match the mannequins dimensions exactly but if the dummy isn't the size of the person with fat distribution as relevant, then they would have to pad it and cover it themselves, which would waste all your lovely tailoring ... But it would be alorralorra work to offer that sort of service .. rambling thoughts from Friday morning brain! xx

Lucy@Corset Laced Mannequins said...

hi Julia, if I had another pair of hands I'd have a go!

Elegancemaison said...

I thought it very funny when Gok was so stressed at being a long way behind schedule, that he said he was "Taking Dolly home with him!" A first in his lifestyle methinks, gotta love him though!

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