Mollie Makes....a new crafty magazine.

I'm so looking forward to this new magazine for crafters due for release in May 2011.  I am a little biased because they will be using one of my seamless mannequins for clothes photography, however, listening to Joanna Hepinstall (Editor) it sounds as though it could be right up my street (and your's too!).

“Today’s crafters are creating a whole new aesthetic which is inspired by vintage, love of all things handmade, and showing off their individual style. They are crafting socially in cafés and clubs, and they are sharing their ideas globally, using the internet as a giant poster.

This is why Mollie Makes is so much more than a traditional project book – it is a lifestyle magazine for the generation who make up the handmade revolution.”

Isn't this so pretty?  Wonder if they've found Etsy, Folksy and Misi yet?  I'm sure they must have but I'm going to email them....just in case.

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Scrapiana said...

Very happy to have been able to match-make there for you, Lucy! ;)
- E x

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