a new hotchpotch mannequin

I finally found the time to complete her.  Sneaked her in between a couple of customer orders.  I always feel guilty working on new mannequins when customers are waiting but I think of this as my research and development and therefore essential which makes me feel just a little bit more justified!

I think I'm going to have to tailor a mannequin in just the floral fabric too. It's so pretty.
I've named her Gracie and you can see her here CLM website

I've added new photos for my very popular Vintage Print wasp waisted mannequin too...

Other news at the CLM workshop and home....
  • My old cat George has gone on to cat heaven.  We were all sad but he had lived to 19 years and I think he had had enough.
  • My girls have been given two African hedgehogs to care for.  They are very cute, snuffle little things.  The hedgehogs are sweet too!
  • I've been working in the allotment preparing it for fruit and flowers (with limited veg...we usually grow far too much and it never gets eaten, then I feel guilty).
  • Sweetpea, cosmos, sunflower and cornflower seeds sown and safely installed in my very tiny greenhouse.  The smell inside is heaven!!
  • I've teamed up with Period Living to run a competition!  Two tailored mannequins will be up for grabs...more on that soon.
Well, I think thats it...back to Brian
Have a lovely afternoon, Lucyxx


Ali @ Betty and Violet said...

Absolutely beautiful ~ I think I need to save me some pennies for this one!

Ali x

Ren said...

I want a Gracie... Ren x

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