New Sophie....

I love this fabric.  Not just the stunning colours but I do have a bit of thing for damask patterns.  They work so well on my mannequins.  But these colours...divine!!


 I've only just realised that I've never tailored a mannequin in a basic black and white fabric.  Looking forward to cracking on with that one.



ted and bunny said...

yes, I know what you mean about damask!

So pleased that you just posted about the new Sophie- I've been umming and aaahing about new bedroom colours and I think a paler version of this is going to be perfect- I've just got to smile sweetly at Mark now and broach the subject...he's a painter and decorator for a living, so anything I attempt is NEVER up to scratch!

have a good week

nikkijoy said...

Every time I see a picture of one of your mannequins, I just can't help but click across to your main page and pine over every single one of them. I love this pattern though... especially in the blue =) x

Lucy@Corset Laced Mannequins said...

oh Elaine, you lucky thing! a painter and decorator - your new bedroom will look stunning in those shades.


Lucy@Corset Laced Mannequins said...

many thanks for your lovely words Nikki. It is a beautiful fabric, Lucyxx

Zoe said...

Really lovely and of course I LOVE the name.

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