Lavender and beeswax...

...the only way to describe this beautiful, delicately coloured fabric.  I love the it! and the mannequin ain't bad either!
  I'm also chuffed that the cream stands look so good. 
I've named her Phoebe after a very beautiful young lady I know very well.

Its been a fabulous week here in mannequin land.  
  • My velvet gal's came home autographed to the hilt,
  • the new website was launched and looks gorgeous,
  • Tia mannequin was featured on the Etsy email,
  • I've had the most fabulous feedback,
  • been to the gym three times (and amazingly want to go back for more!), 
  • I've been interviewed by Sharon of My Passport to Style, 
  • bought a ton of gorgeous satin ribbons in every shade imaginable (I couldn't say no and just looking at them cheers me up no end)
and finally, won the lottery so had Elcie painted in this stunning floral to match Catherine the mannequin and moved into this fabulous house!

 actually that last bit was a bit of a porky pie but one can dream!
have a great weekend.

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