Postcard gallery...

I do love a pretty postcard and after receiving some beauties from Sarah Hardaker I thought..oooh, wouldn't it be nice to have a set of my own!  and here they are...

They're available to purchase on my Etsy site.

I ordered these awhile ago and forgot about them when I started work on a new fabric with a lovely vintage, decoupaged feel featuring, amongst other things....postcards!

 I've named her Giselle.  She is rather lovely but what do you think of latest edition to the Curtis gallery...the stern looking woman to the right? My children were quite scared of her when I first bought her home.
She is called Mrs Baxter...and don't you forget it...I know I won't!


Elegancemaison said...

Your postcards are so lovely - but may I ask where you got them done? I need some for a family occasion and have been looking at Vistaprint. Any recommendations gratefully received.

FairyFiligree said...

Love Giselle, adore the postcards (I collect postcards so am a very special fan of collectors' items), but not sure I like Mrs Baxter that much! HOpe she won't be offended :-

The Cloth Shed said...

Lovely postcards and the portrait collection in the Curtis gallery looks most interesting.
Mrs Baxter looks a little fierce...a bit like Margaret Thatcher I think!
Julie x

Syl said...

Dear Lucy, I just entirely fell in love with your art work, wow, I love mannequines and wisf for one for a long long time. Your Wasp Waisted vintage style mannequine is a dream! I wish I could afford it right away. I sure will save now to be able to get it! :-))) I have a blog myself and am staring a little businnes as well. Do you mind if I show your work on my Blog? I don't have as many readers as you but I really love your stuff and would love to share it with my visitors?

Have a wonderful day


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