adorable, cute and so, so sweet

 A little family of mannequins!  Celia and her brood, 10 year old Lydia and 8 year old Phoebe. 
 All with matching corset and laced backs. 
The photo is a little shaky because the weather today has been awful for photographing.  Yesterday was a beautiful hot day spent at the seaside.  
This morning we have had so much rain and grey skies.  Little wonder we Brits are obsessed by the weather.
And I had to show you this beautiful bunch of cornflowers, grown from seed by me on my allotment!  
I'm so pleased but we do have a few unwelcomed guests too.

Actually I quite like them and I don't mind sharing with them (a bit).  
Look at the colours...beautiful!
Hope you're having a good start to the week, Lucyxx

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