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As you can imagine I have my fair share of fabric scraps but with limited time (I know, none of us have enough!) I never quite know what to do with them.  I keep them back, knowing that one day an idea will come to me.   This day has arrived!
 I was perusing blog world and found Eirlys' inspiring blog post about rug making (she also made the lovely strawberries on the front cover of issue two of the Mollie Makes mag!).  I've tried rug making before but it was the crocheting method where you crochet long strips of fabric and then curl them into a mat, stitching them together as you go.  This took too long for me so I am delighted to have discovered progging!  
Here's the blog post Scrapiana
Not being a very patient person I immediately went about purchasing the required paraphernalia...ie hessian and progging tool.  It was lovely to find John from www.makings.co.uk who specialises in  rug making equipment. They are based in Launceston, Cornwall, a special place for me as my Mum was born there

I've drawn a rough pattern of flowers on my hessian and I'm using a different fabric for each of my mannequins.  I'm not sure it will be as obvious as I hope it will be but time will tell.   This is about an hours work, maybe less.  It's very quick and I think the effect is fabulous.

Even the back looks gorgeous to me!

Some of my fabrics fray a bit too much but I'm hoping they will settle down.

So there you are.  If you have some fabric scraps, or old worn out clothes you know what you can do with them.  Visit Scrapiana's inspiring blog post and John's website for more instructions if you feel inclined to have a go but it really is very, very simple.  

quick update...after a few more "proggings"....actual looks like a flower!!!

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