Mollie Makes Magazine...what a beauty!

I finally got my hands on issue 2 of the Mollie Makes magazine and its SO lovely!  Even the paper its printed on is a lovely matt paper...very stylish.  I was also very pleased to see my mannequin used...LOOK  you can see her feet!!!  I had to laugh.
Its full of delicious images and fabulous websites to take a peek at...

as well as some great crafty projects to make like this pretty crochet blanket.
here are the lovely strawberries I mentioned in my last post from Scrapiana.
and on the front cover.  Scrapiana has a Flickr group too so you can add photos of the strawberries you make.  Which reminded me of my Corset Laced Mannequin Flickr group where you can add photos of your CLM mannequin!  I know, its very exciting!!
As you can see from these photos I haven't made up my Lulu Rose mannequin (did I blog about my new fabrics?)  I haven't had a moment to spare BUT I will make an effort perhaps over the weekend as I'm itching to see this beautiful fabric in mannequin form. see you soon, Lucyxx
PS you can get 3 Mollie Makes mags for just £5 if you subscribe

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