forget the veg...

sow flowers instead! 

This Spring I planted flowers in my allotment for the first time.  I used less than a quarter of it and planted cosmos, cornflowers, gypsophilia and sweetpeas.  I'm so glad I did as now I have fresh flowers all the time, I reckon I could open a florist shop!  Friends and family have been sent a bunch or two too.  The best thing is they keep producing more...what darlings!  I picked these this morning in between the rain showers.
I'm planning next years crop to include zinnias, nigella, dill, poppies and more.  Whats really surprised me is how easy it has been.  They hardly need any care.  I haven't watered them since they went into the ground and they haven't had any problems from the usual allotment critters such as caterpillars and slugs (unlike my puny cabbages!), Lucyxx

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