working girls...

So nice to see my girls out working for their keep.  Here they are in a lovely
 Ollie & Nic store 

images from Ollie & Nic

Its been another busy week with mannequins dispatched across the globe to Ireland, Australia, USA, Germany, Canada and of course here in dear old Blighty.

I'm going to have to start thinking about the two week holiday that's planned for the end of August...TWO WEEKS AWAY FROM HOME AND BRIAN!!

The weekend is nearly here and I have quite a bit planned mostly involving an old 8ft trampoline which the children have grown out of (hooray, I'll get some garden back), assorted junk filled cardboard boxes, a trailer and a recycling centre! What a sophisticated life I lead!!

Hope you have wonderful plans for the weekend too, Lucyxx
ps Brian is my sewing machine.

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