Wedding dresses & venues...

I'm very pleased to be taking part in the Cotswold's Bride magazine this year.  Lauren Magovern from Ladyamy Wedding Design has put together a wonderful eclectic mix of wedding related services and company's.  I'm in the top left hand corner.

Lauren's mood board had me thinking about weddings...

Do you remember your wedding?  Of course you do!  Was your beautiful wedding dress, hanging from a coat hanger on the edge of a wardrobe? You probably have photos like these...

Lovely aren't they but wouldn't this be better....a mannequin for that extra special dress?  Would you have used a mannequin if your wedding venue had provided you with one?

or are you getting married soon?  Does your wedding venue provide one?

questions, questions, so many questions!  sorry but would love to know your thoughts
ps the dress, bottom right, is the Royal one.

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